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Scott J. Cameron

Cameron is a renowned expert in endangered species, fisheries, wetlands, and management improvement. Among other distinguished positions, Cameron has served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of Interior, Director of Conservation Policy of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Office of Management and Budget, and advisor to California Governor, Pete Wilson.
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Alex Echols

Echols, a tenth generation Virginian farmer, has been one of the most influential voices and leaders in shaping the Farm Bill conservation programs. He currently serves as the Program Director of Special Projects for The Sand County Foundation and Director of Conservation Programs for the Philanthropy Roundtable.
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Brent Fewell

Fewell, a former environmental scientist and senior U.S. EPA official, is a partner and environmental attorney with the law firm Troutman Sanders and a frequent lecturer on 21st century environmental leadership and innovation.
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Marianne Horinko

Horinko, President of The Horinko Group, has served in numerous prestigious roles, including acting EPA Administrator and head of EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response during the cleanup following September 11 and the U.S Capitol anthrax attacks. Horinko is internationally recognized in her policy expertise and played a major role in shaping the successful U.S. brownfields program.
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Laura Huggins

Huggins is a research fellow and director of outreach with the Property and Environmental Research Center as well as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Huggins, an author of several books, focuses her efforts on the role of economics in shaping natural resource policy and in promoting market principles to resolve environmental dilemmas.
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Mike Linder

Having served for the last 14 years as the Director of Nebraska’s Department of Environmental Quality, Mike Linder has a unique state perspective on the front line of environmental protection. An accomplished environmental lawyer and partner at Koley Jesson, Mike also served as NDEQ’s General Counsel for nearly a decade.
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Brendan McGinnis

McGinnis, managing partner of The Horinko Group, is a recognized thought leader on water resource management, including domestic and international water quality/quantity and infrastructure matters. He is a founding member of the Water Resources Action Project, a non-profit dedicated to improving public health in the Middle East.
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Tracy Mehan

Mehan, a Principal with The Cadmus Group and former head of U.S. EPA’s Water Office, is a prolific writer and prominent environmental thought leader. He serves as an adjunct professor at George Mason University and serves on various boards, including the Potomac Conservancy, U.S. Water Alliance, and Great Lakes Observing System.
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Rick Otis

Otis is a nationally recognized expert on environmental policy, with a unique understanding of tools and information technology used to drive performance, and, most recently, focused on leveraging these tools to address environmental challenges facing China. Otis served as a staffer in the House of Representatives and the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and held senior positions in EPA and the private sector.
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Jim Presswood

Presswood is the executive director of Earth Stewardship Alliance, whose mission is to promote good stewardship of the world’s animals and environment in a manner grounded in conservative principles. Presswood has spent most of his career working for national and regional environmental advocacy groups with a focus on energy and air pollution policies.
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Reed Watson

Watson, one of the nation’s leading voices on free-market environmentalism, serves as the Executive Director of the Property and Environmental Research Center, located in Bozeman Montana. He has written and lectured extensively on free-market solutions to conserving wildlife, critical habitat, water resources, and endangered species.
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John Paul Woodley

Woodley served as Virginia’s Deputy Attorney General and Secretary of Natural Resources before assuming the role of Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, where he served with distinction from 2003 to 2009, supervising the civil works mission of the Army Corps of Engineers. He is currently a Principal with Advantus Strategies, a Richmond-based business-to-government consulting firm.
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Daniel Botkin

Renowned ecologist, Dr. Daniel Botkin, is Professor (Emeritus), Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara, and President of The Center for The Study of The Environment, which provides independent, science-based analyses of complex environmental issues. Botkin has over 45 years of experience, ranging from the conservation of African Elephants to environmental modeling, and is the author of 14 books.
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