“The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.” -Gifford Pinchot

About Us and This Blog

Americans have a strong, moral belief in stewardship, deeply rooted in the ideals of conservatism and woven into the fabric of a free and resilient society. Conservatism acknowledges the obligations of individuals and society to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And in the traditions of Roger ScrutonRussell Kirk and Edmund Burke, the authors seek to promote the values of ordered liberty and prudent restraint upon power and oft insatiable human appetite.

Conservefewell is a forum where diverse and thoughtful minds share ideas and developments affecting our natural environment. We are a group of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, former government officials, policy experts, and environmental advocates who are committed to changing the tone and dialogue of environmental stewardship. We aspire to inspire and motivate others to think and act differently about environmental stewardship. Yet, unfortunately, in today’s highly-charged political environment, the topic of the environment itself often pits individuals and groups against one another. And the debate is often politicized, ignores science, or is oversimplified, when in reality the topic is much more complex.
We hope that you enjoy the content of this blog, both the serious and not so serious.
While we acknowledge and celebrate the environmental progress of the last four decades, we believe the environmental challenges and risks to society that lie ahead demand more thoughtful and reasoned responses. If we are to succeed in safeguarding our natural heritage, we must call upon the leaders of society, whether they be found in government or civic associations, i.e., families, local clubs and environmental groups, institutions, and churches – which Burke fondly referred to as society’s little platoons – to endeavor to find new ways to collaborate and promote sustainable solutions. And we believe that these complex issues and attending difficult conversations warrant a more respectful and thoughtful tone in our public discourse.
We hope that you enjoy the content of this blog, both the serious and not so serious.