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“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, the stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” ― Aldo Leopold

“Without something like a conservation or land ethic, a sacramental regard for creation, a concern for future generations beyond one’s own short span on this planet, or some other moral and ethical North Star to guide and motivate citizens, farmers, ranchers, wood lot owners, and other actors, I am not optimistic that we can succeed on the basis of strictly free-market principles alone.”  ―  Tracy Mehan

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Guest Contributor:   Reed Watson



The following article was written by Reed Watson, Executive Director of PERC, and is being republished from PERC’s blog the Percololator

A recently published article on predator conservation is generating significant attention in wildlife policy circles and in the mainstreammedia.  The study, authored by Guillaume Chapron and Adrian Treves, points to changes in population growth rates of grey wolves during alternating periods of government-authorized culling to challenge the notion that legally killing threatened carnivores discourages illegal poaching.

Examining wolf populations in Wisconsin and Michigan during times when the species bounced on and off the endangered species list, the authors estimate population growth rates fell from 16 to 12 percent when culling was allowed.

Whether or not the data actually support that conclusion,commentators have conflated population culls by state wildlife agencies with hunting by individual citizens, inaccurately citing the article for evidence that hunting is bad for conservation. Worse, the current debate largely ignores the important connection between economic incentives and wildlife conservation.  Read more here . . .


Sustainable Agriculture

A must view film by director, Peter Byck, titled One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts, an inspiring story of Will Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures, in Bluffton Georgia, who shares his evolution from industrial to regenerative farmer.  This is great stuff that has the potential to revolutionize farming here in the U.S., but it will require a culture change across consumers and producers.

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Maryland Promotes Market-based Environmentalism

Maryland Promotes Market-based EnvironmentalismGovernor Hogan this week, under the leadership of Benjamin Grumbles, Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Environment, released draft regulations encouraging market-based solutions to accelerate the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay.  Significantly, the proposal would allow states to work together under an interstate trading provision to leverage greater opportunities to address interstate water pollution.  If adopted, it would mark the first time a state has included an interstate trading component within its water protection regulations.  According to Brent Fewell, Founder and Chair of the Earth & Water Law Group, “This represents a true watershed moment for the watermen and citizens of Maryland, and this proposal could serve as a significant catalyst to making meaningful progress toward cleaning up the Bay’s water read more

Stewardship Roundtable - Sep. 14, Collin O'Mara, NWF, Guest Conservationist

Stewardship Roundtable - Sep. 14, Collin O'Mara, NWF, Guest ConservationistNext Roundtable: September 14, 8:30 a.m. – 9: 45, NWF, 1200 G St. NW Suite 900 Collin O’Mara, CEO and President of the National Wildlife Federation, will discuss NWF’s top priorities and opportunities for advancing bipartisan conservation efforts during the current Administration. RSVP to Brent Fewell, brent.fewell@earthandwatergroup.com Who Are We? We are a group of conservatives who care about the environment – the Roundtable is a collegial forum of friends and colleagues who wish to change the tone and dialogue. What is Our Goal? To promote a conservative ethic and solutions to environmental problems. To connect thoughtful center-left and center-right leaders. To engage in robust, civil dialogue in a confidential forum, identifying common ground and building consensus on policy solutions. To establish and build relationships, read more

EPA's Pruitt Cleared of Violating the Agency's Scientific Integrity Policy

EPA's Pruitt Cleared of Violating the Agency's Scientific Integrity PolicyIn the midst of a scorched-earth campaign by environmental groups against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Administrator has been exonerated against charges that he violated the Agency's Scientific Integrity Policy. This week, Thomas Sinks, Director of the Science Advisor for the Scientific Integrity Review Panel, responded to Sierra Club's complaint.   The Panel responded: In his response, the Administrator expressed his opinion regarding contributors to global warming and called for more debate, review, and analysis as a precursor to any future EPA policy decision on that matter.  This expression of opinion, which was not made in a decisional context, is fully within the protections of EPA's Scientific Integrity Policy and does not violate that Policy.  We also note that, in his remarks, read more

Want to Solve Climate Change . . . Muzzle Al Gore

Want to Solve Climate Change . . . Muzzle Al GoreIn discussing the issue of climate change with one of my friends this week, he opined "Al Gore has done more harm to rational efforts than any number of skeptics."   I find myself in partial agreement.  And here is a thoughtful article by my friend, John Murdock, titled Al Gore's Holy Anger, that makes the case in rather persuasive fashion. When asked how he dealt with hostile skeptics, Al Gore first advised against returning anger with anger. Then he approvingly noted an instance of biblical zeal: “Jesus takes the jawbone of an ass to clear out the temple.” (Sorry, Al—that was Samson’s tool for killing Philistines. Jesus used a whip in Jerusalem.) I heard that jumbled Sunday school memory firsthand more than read more

Earth Day Op-Ed by Zinke, Perry, and Pruitt

Earth Day Op-Ed by Zinke, Perry, and PruittIt's not often three Presidential cabinet members pen a joint Op-ed piece, but that's what EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, and Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, did this past weekend.  The trio wrote a hopeful and up-beat Earth Day Op-ed, but for what I can tell it only ran in the Waco Tribune, Missoulian, and Billings Gazette. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the message or the messenger.  Sort of reminds me of that saying, If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Sadly, no one heard this one fall - instead, everyone, including the media, was glued to their television watching climate scientists and activists, who read more

Happy Earth Day! "Bah Humbug!" You Say

Happy Earth Day!  Earth Day is upon us again - in all its splendor and glory.  It is indeed the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year.  But truth be told, many conservatives are feeling left out of today's celebration and festivities.  If you are one who feels no need to participate or desire to celebrate Earth Day, that's fine - I get it - but I'd ask you to reflect upon the following.  How should we conservatives think about Earth Day or environmentalism for that matter? I share with you below certain attributes and principles of what I think it means to be a conservative environmentalist, which draws upon the vast work and thinking of read more

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