Special Thanks to Steve Hayward for the Shout-out

Special thanks to Steve Hayward for mentioning this blog over on Power Line.   Steve says, Conservefewell “[I]s the place to go for some serious environmental sanity, and alternatives to the usual slop.”   Thanks to the continued support of my friends, family and the readers of this blog.   I’ve long believed that a site committed to promoting environmental stewardship, pursuing the facts wherever that pursuit might lead –  not just focusing on the negative – has been sorely needed.   The Conservefewell team continues to grow, and we’re honored to have Scott Cameron join the voices of environmental sanity.

Hayward also highlights another worthy project by the Cato Institute, HumanProgress.org, which reinforces the positive trend in improvements to the human condition around the globe, rejecting the typical neo-Malthusian claptrap.  Infant mortality has declined sharply over the last 5o years.   Poverty as a percentage of GDP is also down.   And as nations become wealthier, environmental pollution has also trended in the right direction.  All this good news doesn’t mean we need to let off the accelerator.  However, contrary to the constant drumbeat of gloom and doom in the news, the human condition is improving.  And that’s something worth celebrating.