One Georgia Farmer’s Story of Saving His Soul and His Farm

I’ve spent the last couple of days with one of my favorite organizations, Sand County Foundation, where I participated in their symposium, Innovations on the Land: Managing for Change, held in beautiful Monterey, California.   The gathering is mostly farmers and ranchers who share Aldo Leopold’s land ethic.  So many inspiring stories of conservation by landowners working to restore grasslands, sage-grouse habitat, wetlands, streams and water quality, and the soils that give life to the food we eat.  I’m linking below to a brand new film by director, Peter Byck, titled One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts, an inspiring story of Will Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures, in Bluffton Georgia, who shares his evolution from industrial to regenerative farmer.  This is great stuff that has the potential to revolutionize farming here in the U.S., but it will require a culture change across consumers and producers.