Featuring Kristofer Rowe and his Osprey

july4osprey-3Highlighting a new wildlife photographer here at Conservefewell, Kristofer Rowe, who’s hallmark work is the Osprey, or fish hawk as they are known to some.  Sailing the Maine coast waters since a little boy, I have always been mesmerized by these remarkable creatures.  Hearing a high-pitched whistling call off in the distance, I would scan the horizon to spy one hovering high over a  school of mackerel or pogies, waiting for the opportune moment.  And then in a split second, locked in on its target, with wings tucked tightly against its body, it would fall from the sky like a rock, hitting the water with a big splash, then fly off toward a nest of hungry chicks with fish in tow.  With a global population of nearly 500,000, the Osprey comeback is a great conservation success story.   Listed as endangered in the 1970s, due to DDT and pesticides negatively impacting breeding success, their numbers have steadily increased about three percent each year over the last several decades.  Check out this live feed of a nesting pair of Osprey in Missoula MT, with camera and microphone capturing every move and sound, including the diverse vocals, as this pair interacts with each other and nearby Osprey (gratis The Cornell Lab of Ornithology).  Appreciative to Bert Emke for introducing me to Kris and his beautiful work, much of which is captured in the lower Connecticut River Valley, from where he hails.  When you have a moment, please visit and “like” Kris’s Facebook page, which has some amazing photos.