EPA’s Jackson Joins Apple

By Brent Fewell

Outgoing EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, will be joining Apple as an Environmental Advisor, according to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.  Jackson reportedly will have responsibility for advising the company on the effects of its products and production practices onlisa_jackson the environment.  Apple has been highly criticized by some environmental groups for its sustainability efforts, but particularly its supply chain performance in China and elsewhere.  Jackson’s arrival should, at a minimum, help to improve the IT titan’s green image.  No doubt, her presence will also be felt by Apple’s suppliers, listed here, many of whom have been criticized for their poor safety and worker’s rights records.  In the meantime, the U.S. Congress continues to investigate the practice of EPA leadership’s use of fictitious email accounts to conduct business and avoid the reach of Freedom of Information Act disclosure requirements.  Jackson’s replacement, Gina McCarthy, who was recently voted out of committee, is expected to take the Agency’s helm soon.