Conservation funding in a changing world – sustainability is the goal . . .

Adequate funding of fish and wildlife conservation and other critical resource needs such as water quality is essential and important to the quality of life for all Americans. Historically, the United States has made major investments in a system of conservation that is recognized throughout the world. With the political, economic, social, technological, and environmental changes we are currently experiencing, this impressive system of conservation will not sustain itself without solving the many challenges it faces, especially with regards to funding. We all remain committed to this critical task of maintaining a system of conservation; however, it must constantly be nurtured because there is much competition for funding to manage this system and special interest groups seem to constantly have their own agendas that go well beyond the reason that these policies and funding levels were established. However, it is our duty as professionals in wildlife conservation to maintain—and improve upon—what the conservation leaders before us created. To do so, we must do a better job of being more involved in the political process, unify our collective strengths, and apply them to our common challenges and opportunities.

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