Jay Faison’s Efforts to Green the GOP (and save the Planet) Through Clean Energy

I’ve long argued that the GOP’s ceding of environmental issues to the political left was not only bad for the GOP but bad for the environment as well.   I’m not suggesting that the party faithful go out and purchase a Prius or put solar panels on our homes, but what I am suggesting is that my party start a serious dialogue on environmental issues, including climate change.  Like most millennials, my two teenage daughters care passionately about the environment and have come to understand that Republicans just don’t care about the environment.  Their dad aside, he’s simply a freak of nature who talks way too much about politics.  I make no bones about it however – I want my girls and their children to grow up in a healthy and sustainable environment that got that way through policies based on conservative ideals, i.e., smaller government, free markets, energy security, and American innovation.  In any event, I’m glad to see a prominent conservative who is solidly committed to conservation and environmental stewardship through conservative principles, working toward a clean energy future.  Jay Faison, a clean energy philanthropist and successful businessman, has pledged $175M of his own money to promote clean energy technologies and policies that will move us away from costly and ineffective big government solutions.  Check out this video of Jay’s message and his new foundation, ClearPath.