Getting Back to Nature – A Guide to Greater Unity

Dan Botkin has an important message for all of us this Christmas season – get back to Nature.

AN ECOLOGY OF CHRISTMAS.   As our nation, and most of the world, continues on this strange angry, divisive, and  dangerous  path,  I  would  like  to  consider  what I call an ecology of Christmas, with the  hope that it might help us understand what  forces  ‐‐ human  motivation  and  beliefs,  and modern technology and science — may  be playing a role in creating ‐‐or at least acting as one ‐‐ of the primary moving forces in  creating  this  odd  and  difficult  time.

My  primary theme is that our modern civilizations move us away from nature, away from  our contact with and dependence on our natural living surroundings in ways that are  leading us astray.  Nature contact and nature knowledge were guides to life, which modern technology, in addition to its great  advantages,  can  easily  allow  us  to  follow  divisive paths that may be one of the reasons this is such a contentious time.

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Just this morning, I learned that Amazon now delivers groceries right to your doorstep, offering great time-savings from standing in those ulcer-forming checkout lines.  For the longest time, the modern grocery experience has increasingly separated us from our food supply – resulting in a fundamental ignorance of where our food comes from – but perhaps now with the convenience and time-savings from AmazonFresh, we’ll make more time for those nature walks and get back in touch with nature contact and nature knowledge.