Draft IPCC Report on Climate Change Leaked And Survey Says . . .

By Brent Fewell

The next assessement report (AR5) of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is due out next month.  But a draft version has been leaked to Reuters and is being widely reported in the news.   Although the IPCC has warned against drawing any conclusions from the draft – because it most assuredly will change by the time it’s finalized – some media outlets and blogs are already going to town and reporting on noteworthy statements and conclusions contained in the draft.  Although I don’t think it’s productive to begin debating a report for which the vast majority haven’t yet seen or reviewed or isn’t yet final, I link to a number of the articles below and the headlines.

Reuters – Experts surer of manmade global warming but local predictions elusive.

New York Times – Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming.

Mother Jones – 5 Terrifying Statements in the Leaked Climate Report.

Grist – Climate scientists are 95 percent sure that humans are causing global warming.

Daily Kos – New IPCC report leaked: We’re heading toward 9F increase – climate impacts are speeding up.

I’ll await the release of the final version before drawing any of my own conclusions.  Stay tuned for more fun.