Save a Fish – Paint a Storm Drain


By Brent Fewell

Polluted stormwater runoff remains a pernicious and difficult-to-solve environmental challenge of our time.  This is a storm drain marker that we use in my neighborhood to inform the residents of the environmental impacts of dumping pollutants and stuff (e.g., vegetable and engine oil, grease, dog poop, etc.) down a storm drain.  Simple yet effective.  It was actually part of a local school project – a few kids got community service hours for affixing these to several dozen storm drains.  The markers can be purchased for as little as $2 from here, or you can purchase a stencil here to spray paint the communique as below.  Katherine Baer and her colleagues over at American Rivers are doing a lot to promote more education on the impacts of storm water pollutants, which can be lethal to fish and other aquatic critters.